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    OMNIA Hair Boutique is where you get to experience the best hair care service by best-quality, environmentally-friendly, safe products.
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Omnia - Organic Hair Salon

  • icon Green salon

    Omnia Hair Boutique aims at an organic, sustainable lifestyle in the use of products of natural origin.

  • icon Organic/ Biodynamic products

    We use almost 100% organic products for our services. From shampooes, hair care, perming, dyeing, straightening, to even bleaching products have organic origins.

  • icon Hairdressers with 10+ years of experience.

    Our hairdressers are full of experience, educated and certified from the best hairdressing academies.

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As a fan of changing hairstyles, I’m also afraid of damaged and weak hair, my journey to find a favorite hair salon is quite hard. Therefore, when I first visited Omnia, I was impressed by two points: First, the salon was not covered by the smell of hairdressing chemicals thanks to the priority of using natural and pure organic products. Secondly, every time experiencing the service at Omnia, my hair is very smooth and shiny! That's why I stay with Omnia till now.

Ms. Trang – Marketing Manager

Omnia gives me a very peaceful feeling every time I visit. I love to visit Omnia the most on Friday afternoons, after work, to lie down and relax in a space filled with light and the scent of natural fragrance. Whenever I come here, no matter what mood I'm in, I feel relieved and have more positive energy

Ms. Lam Office worker

I’m quite tough at hair service so whenever I am satisfied with a salon, I will be very attached. As an Omnia customer since the first day of opening, I still choose the salon today not only because of the stable quality but also because the staff here really understands my needs! I hope that the salon will continue to grow stronger in the future

Ms. Linh – Head of Human Resources Department

What I like most at Omnia is the super friendly staff. From parking to choosing a hairstyle, each step was always carefully explained by everyone. In the decision-making process, I am free to choose instead of urging or pushing to pay for unnecessary services. Thanks to the guidance of Omnia, I love my new hair so much! So 10 points for quality, for Omnia! But the salon address is a bit too far from my place, I hope Omnia will open more new locations soon so that I can visit more often :<

Ms. Ly Vu – Marketing Officer

Because I am too busy, I always want to spend my time on anything as optimal as possible, even cutting my hair. That's why I trust Omnia so much, because the salon works neatly and quickly, saving me a lot of waiting time. Hair cut always makes me satisfied. I will continue to visit Omnia for a long time.

Mr Hung – Deputy Sales Manager

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